Prone Foam

COVID-19 Recovery Pillow


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In an effort to aid in the recovery of all COVID-19 patients, we are making our Prone Foam recovery pillow available to the general public. It is a specialized upper body pillow that is used in ICUs and designed to safely position patients on their stomach, in the prone position. When lying face down, it protects the head and face, while cushioning the chest to create sufficient room to maximize lung function. Specifically designed to reduce pressure on the lungs and improve lung function, increase the oxygen in your blood, and help break up thick mucus in the lungs.

  • Head attachment comfortably stabilizes your head when turned to the side.
  • Elevates your chest and reduces the pressure on your lungs.
  • Soft, high-resiliency foam maintains its shape during prolonged use.
  • Comfortable positioner ideal for patients with COVID-19, ARDS, Cystic Fibrosis, Obstructive Sleep Apnea and any post-operative procedure requiring you to sleep on your stomach.