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Surgeon Designed

Our products have been designed in partnership with surgeons to provide you with the highest quality designs to increase your comfort and reduce recovery challenges.

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Doctor Endorsed

The MyComfortMD™ team works closely with a Medical Advisory Board composed of top doctors and health experts nationwide who rigorously evaluate and confirm the efficacy of MyComfortMD™ products.

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Customer Recommended

“The Zero Degree Knee was the perfect solution for helping keep my leg extended after my knee replacement surgery. It was strongly recommended by my doctor, and I could feel the difference right away. For anyone recovering from knee replacement or hip replacement surgery, the Zero Degree Knee is a worthwhile investment!”
– Customer in FL


We offer the best array of comfortable recovery options to help you get back on your feet following knee surgery. Our products help facilitate your rehab by aiding in obtaining full knee extension and alleviating swelling.

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Leg elevation, with strong support, plays an important role in maintaining proper circulation and edema control. Pre-operative and post-operative leg pain and associated swelling can be reduced using our effective elevation positioner(s).

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Back, Neck and Spine

We offer products designed to alleviate ongoing lower back pain as well relieving pressure on the spine that is caused by sitting down following a trauma or child birth.

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Reduce complications, recovery time, and pain

By using our medically endorsed products following surgery, you can reduce the risk of complications by reducing swelling, promoting extension, and accelerating time spent in rehabilitation. This offsets unhealthy alternatives to pain reduction, including opioid use, additional hospital visits, and hospital readmission.

Medical Grade Quality Products

Born out of a need to provide effective intraoperative positioning in the surgical setting, MyComfortMD™ strives to meet a similar need for home users. We offer a variety of solutions that help you manage your recovery and long-term comfort in your home. Our products are of the highest quality, designed by medical experts, and proudly made in the USA!

Use your FSA/HSA Funds

Do you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Spending Account (HSA) for medical and care expenses? MyComfortMD™ products qualify under most plans allowing purchases for medical equipment and supplies. To ensure coverage under your specific plan, please contact your plan administrator.

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