Zero Degree Knee

Knee Extension

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The Zero Degree Knee™ is a surgeon designed foam cushion that creates the optimal knee extension needed following a total knee replacement, arthroscopic knee surgery or ACL surgery.

  • Used on 50,000+ patients nationwide! Prescribed by knee surgeons in hospitals across the country to ensure their patients experience the precise leg, knee, ankle and toe angles needed to start a successful recovery
  • Orthopedic surgeon designed to ensure the precise angles and dimensions for proper in-home rehab
  • Simplify your rehab and increase the stability of your knee during the critical days after surgery. Never rehab with unstable bed pillows again
  • Recover faster by using a tool that is dedicated to working towards zero degrees of knee extension
  • Elevates the heel slightly to allow for full knee extension.
  • Keep the toes pointed toward the ceiling in a neutral position and prevents external rotation of the foot

Continuing to use the Zero Degree Knee for several weeks as part of your in-home rehab is critical to reducing pain and getting back to your everyday activities.

Clara for Zero Degree Knee

Clara is a physician-designed text messaging program that is clinically proven to enhance your knee replacement recovery.  Clara users experienced these benefits throughout their surgical journey:

  • Happier patients and improved mood based on patient satisfaction scores
  • Used less narcotics & stopped narcotic use 10 days sooner
  • Greater knee range of motion 3 weeks after knee replacement compared to control group

Convenient surgical instructions, timed with your date of surgery, will be delivered directly to your phone.  Messages include important reminders, video exercises, tips, and consistent motivation to keep you on track throughout your surgical journey. You can also text in questions and get a timely reply from Clara.  This Clara is specifically configured to work with the MyComfortMD Zero Degree Knee.