Protective Face Shield

Comfortably Protect your Face


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The Protective Face Shield is a full-face covering that is comfortable to wear and easy to put on without touching your face.  The Protective Face Shield is transparent, lightweight, and breathable. It can help protect your eyes, mouth, nose, and mask from flying debris, spatter, droplets and aerosol sprays. The flexible silicone headband is soft and adjustable to fit all sizes. Open-cell foam padding is breathable which helps prevent sweating and fogging of the shield.

  • Anti-fog plastic shield
  • Comfortable and easy to use without touching your face
  • Wrap-around face covering helps shield your face from coughs, sneezes, and other debris
  • Plastic shield is optically clear and easily disinfected with standard sprays and wipes
  • Open-cell foam padding is skin friendly and breathable to help prevent fogging
  • Non-sterile and can be discarded after use

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