Total Recovery From Knee Replacement at Home: GAP-FLEX

Gravity Assisted Passive Flexion and Extension Device

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GAP-FLEX is a comfortable and convenient therapy system designed to improve improve function, reduce pain and enhance recovery following total knee replacement surgery. GAP-FLEX utilizes gravity to gradually and gently increase your range of motion from the comfort of your home. The T-bar frame and removable foam padding are adjustable to accommodate patients of all sizes and to meet the demands of each recovery phase. Patients can reduce the number of physical therapy visits and reduce costs by efficiently working out at home.

  • Comfortable and efficient method to recovery.
  • Faster return to full range of motion following surgery.
  • Shorter per-session therapy times.
  • Track therapy sessions and monitor progress with convenient mobile app.
  • Improved patient compliance through ease of use and convenience.
  • Clinically-proven to enhance your recovery

Can be used in conjunction with MyComfortMD’s Zero Degree Knee.

Zero Degree Knee

Upgrade your knee extension exercises with the Zero Degree Knee, a surgeon designed foam cushion that creates optimal knee extension following a total knee replacement. Pair with GAP-FLEX for an effective flexion and extension recovery routine.

  • Used on 100,000+ patients nationwide! Prescribed by knee surgeons in hospitals across the country to ensure patients achieve the precise leg, knee, ankle and toe angles needed to start a successful recovery.
  • A comfortable and convenient way to gain knee extension when using GAP-FLEX.
  • Keep your toes pointed up and control hip rotation during knee extension.

Continuing to use the Zero Degree Knee and GAP-FLEX for several weeks as part of your in-home rehab is critical to reducing pain and getting back to your everyday activities.

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