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Pain is common, there’s no arguing that. We have felt varying degrees of pain throughout our life. You currently might be experiencing pain some of sort every day. The unique thing about pain is we all define it differently and have varying tolerance levels. Pain is subjective, and it is hard to adequately communicate what you’re feeling to other people. Because of this, there are differing methods and ways to measure pain that use a combination of colors, images, or numbers, to describe what you’re feeling. One thing we can all agree on is that we would love to life free of pain.

According to a Medical Expenditure Panel Survey published by the Journal of Pain, the total cost of pain was $635 billion in 2010 dollars.

Physical pain also causes financial pain both personally and professionally. If you’re among the 100 million adults in the United States that are affected by chronic pain, it is costing you money. Pain is expensive due to medical treatments that often last a long time. Pain lowers our work productivity which in turn causes the unintended consequence of a lower wage. According to a Medical Expenditure Panel Survey published by the Journal of Pain, the total cost of pain was $635 billion in 2010 dollars. This study also found that the annual cost of pain was greater than the annual costs of heart disease ($309 billion), cancer ($243 billion), and diabetes ($188 billion).

We can control how much our discomfort is costing us by being mindful of how we treat it and choosing the solution that best fits our individual needs. Chronic, long-term pain is sometimes solved by the last resort of surgery. Recovering from a surgery will involve varying amounts of pain and discomfort. Having the right tools in place for a successful recovery are vital to getting back to your everyday activities pain free. There are also non-operative options that sometimes are the best solution for certain ailments. These options require consistency and having accessible tools in place to make them successful. Both avenues have the same goal: to eventually alleviate your discomfort and have you live pain-free!

Knee Replacement – Solving the Cost of Pain

Having your doctor suggest surgery can be an intimidating and stressful time in your life. Instantly, questions about the seriousness of your pain seem more real than ever. Questions about the the procedure itself, and if it will cure your nagging pain race through your thoughts. Then of course, there is everything that comes after surgery: How badly is this going to hurt? How long until I have no pain?

Total knee replacement is a common surgery that impacts approximately 700,000 people annually in the United States and is projected to increase to 3.48 million procedures per year by 2030. Post-surgical care is essential to your amount of pain. One of the primary needs following total knee surgery is regaining full extension of the knee

According to the Journal of Arthroplasty, the most common postoperative complication following knee surgery is Arthrofibrosis (persistent knee stiffness) resulting from insufficient extension and persistent swelling of the knee. It is one of the leading causes of hospital readmission and a predominant reason for knee replacement failure. Even worse than compromised functional ability and satisfaction levels, are the dramatically increased risks of opioid abuse stemming from longer stints in rehabilitation using prescription medication. In an era characterized by the worst drug crisis in American history, where opioid addiction affects 11 million people and has accounted for over 70,000 deaths annually, the risks associated with poor knee outcomes are costly.

So what do you use to ensure proper knee extension, reduce swelling, and alleviate pain? The MyComfortMD™ Zero Degree Knee and Knee Buddy Extender cushions are specially designed to help promote the baseline range of motion necessary for a full recovery.

Though Arthrofibrosis occurs in 12% of patients—4% of whom require revision surgery to improve knee motion—it can be effectively avoided by sufficient extension and elevation of the knee while protecting against lateral movement. The Zero Degree Knee and Knee Buddy Extender was designed by a hip and knee replacement surgeon with this in mind: to not only defend against postoperative complications, but to improve the knee extension and rehabilitation time of all his patients.

The Zero Degree Knee and Knee buddy extender are used at hospitals across the U.S. One knee surgeon from Lancaster General Hospital wrote, “we have 22 surgeons at Lancaster General Hospital using ZDK/Knee Buddy Extender.”

You can join the over 40,000 patients who experienced a better knee surgery recovery because of The Zero Degree Knee and Knee Buddy Extender!

Tailbone Pain – Solving the Cost of Pain

Our tailbone at the bottom of our spine (coccyx) is one of the bones that takes the longest to heal. Pain in this area is usually caused by an unexpected fall, pregnancy, or trauma during childbirth. Tailbone pain is defined by prolonged pain to the coccyx and is a condition that typically takes weeks to months to feel any sort of relief. For some people, the pain becomes chronic and debilitating.

When your tailbone is bruised, you can feel the pain pulse or radiate with almost every movement. Going to the bathroom becomes more difficult, along with driving, sitting at your desk, or getting up and down in a chair. Any sort of physical activity should be limited, as movement is one of the biggest agitators of tailbone pain. To add to the frustrations that surround your discomfort: there is little that can be done medically to alleviate your pain.

A donut shaped pillow is one of the most widely accepted treatments for tailbone trauma and healing your tailbone (and other sensitive areas) after giving childbirth. Using an effective tool from the beginning of your injury can reduce the expenses that will pile up over time. Having a product in place to help you recover will cut back on doctor visits, and reduce the need for any additional medications, and relieves the pressure that is causing the pain, which speeds up healing. The consequences of cutting back on physical activities and movement can lead to unexpected costs such as dependency on others for tasks, such as using a taxi, or ride share service, or having dinner delivered because it hurts sit in an upright position. These costs can seem miniscule, but in the long run they will add up. The ultimate goal is to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible, and the faster you can heal, the less these costs will accrue.

The MyComfortMD Rearlief Pillow effectively relieves pelvic floor discomfort and tailbone pain commonly associated with pregnancy and lower spine conditions including Coccydynia. Its unique design was created by medical professionals to assist in recovery from post-partum pelvic ache, posture deficiency, pregnancy, lower back pain, tailbone pain, SI joint pain, spinal conditions, herniated discs, pressure ulcers, and pelvic floor discomfort. The Rearlief Pillow was designed by a surgeon team with a common goal to not only innovate a product that is easy and comfortable to use at home, but to effectively alleviate pain associated with tailbone pain.

Join the patients who experienced lower back relief because of Rearlief Pillow!

Leg Pain – Solving the Cost of Pain

Edema pain is created by the swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in your body’s tissues. Although edema can affect any part of your body, you may notice it more in your hands, arms, feet, ankles and especially your legs. Leg pain caused by edema can happen to anyone given many pain sources: Pre-Operative leg pain, Post-Operative leg pain, Post-Trauma leg pain, Leg Fatigue, Sports Recovery pain, Foot pain, Varicose Veins, Spider Veins, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Swollen Feet, Diabetic nerve pain, and Venous Insufficiency. Many of these conditions can cause you to be unable to work effectively and could affect your wages. Leg pain can have unintended costs from spending a day off your feet in bed resulting in higher childcare costs, delivery costs charged by grocery stores, or meal services. It also could lead to longer term costs such as hiring out services you cannot perform anymore due to your prolonged pain such as a mowing your lawn or gardening. These expenses seem negligible now, but they quickly add up over time.

Doctors have been recommending leg elevation to alleviate leg pain for generations. When your legs are elevated, the hydrostatic pressure decreases, and the net movement of fluid goes back to the capillaries that allows fluid to be reabsorbed. We can use gravity to increase venous flow back to the heart, lower venous pressure and that lessens pain. When you are recovering from surgery or have leg pain, leg positioning and elevation are critical factors in getting back on your feet and on with your life. You need to use a surgeon designed leg elevation system that places your leg above your heart for proper blood circulation and edema control.

The MyComfortMD ERLE (Edema Reduction Leg Elevator) ramp cushion is ideal for patients with leg swelling, leg pain, leg casts, post-trauma, or lower extremity surgical procedures. It provides an affordable, comfortable option for leg elevation. The ERLE comes in two sizes and is precision machined from durable, open-cell foam to comfortably cradle the leg. It provides elevation above the heart for proper blood circulation and edema control. The ERLE is great for patients with leg casts, post-trauma, or lower extremity surgical procedures.

Solving the Costs of Pain and Getting Back to Your Life

We have discussed the costs of four major areas of pain – Knee Surgery Pain, Back Pain, Tailbone Pain and Leg Edema Pain. All of these conditions cause great physical discomfort, but they also create a painful experience to your lifestyle and harm to your budget and savings. Using the right pain-relieving tools such as the Zero Degree Knee, Knee Buddy, Lumber Traction Pillow, Rearlief Pillow, and ERLE ramp with their associated procedures can alleviate your pain quickly. Getting your life back will make your life easier and save you money. MyComfortMD can help you choose the right surgeon-designed devices to heal quickly. Visit us at to find detailed product information and contact us with questions.

Don’t Let Your Discomfort Define You – Take Steps to Alleviate Your Pain Now!

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